Dress and Make up Tips for the First Date

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Published: 19th September 2012
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Going on a first date with the cute guy from work or class or your gym? Well then, you have to leave no stone unturned to make that awesome first impression. All my ladies out there- you must- Dress to Impress!

Choosing a dress for the first date is a tricky decision. We are talking about first impressions here and if you don’t want to lose the guy anytime soon, you have to nail that perfect look for the first date. The first thing you must keep in focus when deciding on the dress and make up is- what do you want the guy to think of you? You can either be:

* Sexy and confident
* Classy and sophisticated
* Fun and girly
* Easy going and relaxed

Whatever you choose to be on your first date, that choice will in extension be instrumental in helping you pick out a dress and the make-up and accessories to go along with it. This means you will nail the sexy look with a plunging neckline, or the classy look with a sharp knee length skirt or the fun look with a floral patterned sundress or the easy going look with a pair of snug denims and a cute shirt. But there are many other choices of clothing which can make you look good in either of the appearance choices you have.

Another set of factors that should have a huge impact on your choice of dress are concerning the date itself. Consider these elements well before picking a dress:

Where are you going for the date- restaurant, bar, movies, night club, café, bowling alley or the amusement park or are you inviting him home for dinner or you are going to his place?

What time is the date- early lunch or movie followed by dinner or just dinner?

As you can see, the place of the date really matters. You won’t dress in a sundress for a lounge bar or you would not wear a plunging neckline dress for a movie night. The same consideration has to be given to the time. Certain colors and more importantly make-up and hairdos are not suitable for a lunch date and may look over the top (there goes that perfect first impression!). That is why you must blend in the dressing requirements of the date’s venue and time with your chosen look.

Choosing the dress
For a dinner date at a classy restaurant- dress appropriately with a cocktail dress which will make you look elegant as well as sexy in a subtle manner. Something like a Herve Leger strapless bandage dress works great for posh restaurants and five star hotels. Otherwise a floral print dress seems good for other eateries or a well-fitting skirt with a smart top. Remember, choose dresses that are flattering to your figure. Whether it is the skirt, dress, jeans, shirts or evening gowns- their cut, color, fabric and design should bring out the best about your body- and draw attention away from the flaws.

Doing the make-up
Make-up should never be over the top. Choose eye shadow & lipstick colors as per your dress but remember to blend in some nude shades too. In fact- nude makeup works wonders for most women while you can add a touch of the gloss for sophisticated date venues. Makeup should be aimed at highlighting your best features. Remember to do the eyes well because there is going to be a lot of eye contact on the first date!

Hope these tips help you dress well for your next date and completely floor the guy.

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