How to Choose the Right Shoes for your Dress?

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Published: 29th October 2012
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You have done all you can to look perfect for a special evening. You have been to the salon, are perfectly groomed and have a fabulous dress picked out for the event. But all of it can go awry if you wear the wrong dress shoes. Read on to know how you can choose the right pair of dress shoes.

Your shoes are the most important accessory which will immediately set off or downsize your look. Many women have faced the nightmarish experience of not finding the right shoes to go with the dress. Some women are also clueless as to how to pair the most suited shoe with the right dress. Here are some tips for you to help you find the best pair of sandals, or dress shoes or boots that would go with your dress:

Style of your dress: This is like the most important element when choosing the type of shoe you would wear: strappy sandals or boots. Your shoes will depend on the length of the dress and its type- whether it is a short summery and strappy dress or a long halter neck gown or a knee length body con Herve Leger dress. Boots wonít do with the gown neither will the thick shoes, formal dress shoes will not go with the short sundress neither will long leather boots. So see the dress type and judge accordingly. And remember, your favorite pair of flats will not do any wonders every time.

The accessories your have: Shoes are a part of your ensemble, they are counted among the accessories like your jewelry and your purse. So while choosing a shoe for your evening, consider the accessories too while making a choice. A red dress teamed with black purse will look good with black strappy sandals. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the design of the accessories. Like, if you are wearing a huge neckpiece or a intricate bracelet or heavy earrings, then you can opt for simple shoes- stay away from jeweled or sparkly shoes if you donít want to look like a Christmas tree. The bottom line is not to match the color or pattern of your purse/belt with shoes exactly, but make sure they are not bang opposites either.

The color of your dress: Wearing black shoes or sandals with black dress or a white strappy sandal with a white dress is a no brainer. The real decision comes in when you have a different colored dress and then you have to pick the shoes. In such cases, go for contrasting colored shoes with your outfit. For instance, a pink dress looks good with purple shoes, or a bottle green Herve Leger dress looks good with nude pumps. The safest tip to remember is to pair bright colors with neutral tones- set off an ivory dress with pink shoes or an indigo dress with nude strappy sandals.

The place you are going: Okay, this is a pretty basic consideration, which should be easy to get through. So, you are going to a five star hotel on a date: so the thick boots are out. You are going for a picnic on Sunday, so the pencil heeled dress shoes are out. Understand the location you would be going to and pick shoe type accordingly.

We hope these tips will help you pick the right shoes for your date. Just ensure they complement the any of the Herve Leger discount dresses you choose to wear for the evening.

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