Lose Weight to Fit into That Herve Leger Dress

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Herve Leger dresses are body con dresses and of course you need to be on the slimmer side to wear them. Read on to know how you can lose that flab and look sexy in a Herve dress in the coming festive season.

Do a Google search of “tips to lose weight” and you will find yourself looking at endless suggestions of how you can get into shape quickly, effortlessly with weight loss that is sustainable over a long period of time. All these claims are baseless. There is no way to lose weight in a jiffy. Losing weight takes time and dedicated effort. Unless you plan to go under a knife, even then the recovery takes time.

In this article we are focusing on an effective weight loss plan which would tone your body just enough to look hot in a Herve Leger short dress or an off shoulder gown or a backless dress.

To lose weight quickly, you must ensure that your metabolism is high. Metabolism is the rate at which you burn energy. With a high metabolism all the calories are burned up fast and not converted into fat that gets deposited below the skin. So start by giving up on late nights and sleeping for a full 7 or 8 hours at night and make other lifestyle changes that allow you to change to a healthier way of doing things.

Eat small frequent meals. This is a great way of keeping your metabolism up. Do not skip meals and eat small portions of food in every meal. For instance, instead of two sandwiches at breakfast, why not have one and then snack on an apple after a couple of hours. Remember, eating heavily at mealtimes is a really bad idea. It will make your metabolism slower.

Avoid eating heavy stuff, calorie rich food during breakfast or dinner. Having a light dinner by 7pm latest is the best practice to follow. Avoid too much carbs, sugar and oils. After a light dinner of salads etc. you will sleep better and wake up refreshed. The mantra is to stop eating at least 2.5 to 3 hours before your bed time.

Try to eat freshly cooked food. Read your food labels carefully. Avoid things with too much sugar or fat. The idea is to reduce the intake of unrequired carbs. Eat freshly cooked food. Let go of food with preservatives as they tend to convert to fat over time.

Do not be misled by counting calories. The 100 calories you get from freshly cut carrots is vastly different from the 100 calories you get from a portion of fried chips. Your body reacts differently to every food item. So be very careful in understanding what food can be consumed in what amounts.

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. These food items give your body the much needed fiber and you must eat at least 3 servings 2 servings each of vegetables and fruits every day without fail.

Develop an exercise routine. The ideal is 4 hours of exercise in a week, but you can increase the time as per your convenience and stamina. You can take up jogging, running and sweating it out on any cardio machine in the gym.

Most importantly, keep yourself hydrated and detoxified by drinking plenty of water.

We hope with these tips you will be able to lose weight in time for Christmas and New Year parties and get into any of your favorite Herve dresses.

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